令和5年12月27日に株式会社Nikkeiホールディングス代表取締役社長と有限会社東央警備 代表取締役CEOに就任いたしました藤田剛志と申します。


Happy New Year.

This year's zodiac sign is "Kinoe-Tatsu" (Wooden Dragon). It signifies the idea of patiently and cautiously advancing towards ideals while overcoming various obstacles and resistance. We intend to move forward firmly, embracing harmony.

Now, I have greetings for the New Year and my appointment to a new position. On December 27th, 2025, I assumed the role of President and CEO of Nikkei Holdings Co., Ltd., as well as the Representative Director and CEO of Toho Security Co., Ltd. I also hold the position of President and CEO in Tohgo Co., Ltd. and Zen Nippon Enterprise Co., Ltd.

These four companies have formed a group, consisting of 270 members, engaged in security services, IT business, general construction, real estate, and personnel dispatch. Despite the challenging times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and global conflicts, we will unite as one team, inherit the spirit of excellence in all matters, leverage the strengths of our group, and strive to provide one-stop services and more.

As the representative of the group, I am committed to fulfilling my responsibilities with a sense of determination and dedication, ensuring the happiness of our employees and fulfilling our corporate social responsibility (CSR) to the best of my abilities. We are determined to meet the expectations of all those who can understand and support us, and we will work together as a unified group of employees, with the same spirit of excellence, and with a proactive and determined approach. We sincerely request your continued support and patronage.

Representative Director and President

Takeshi Fujita