警備事業については、近年では、高度成長化・国際化の流れはますます拍車がかかり、社会構造はより複雑化しつつあるなか、 「安全」は日に日に重要性を増し、社会生活の様々なシーンで多種多様な警備が求められています。
引き続き四国内における安全産業を展開しつつ、グループ連携の強化により最大限活かした幅広くクオリティの高い警備サービスを提供し、 お客さまから信頼され、期待に応えるサービスに取り組んでまいります。
IT事業については、IoT、用途は無限とも言われるビックデータ、その蓄積を可能としたクラウド、人間の解析能力を超えたAIなど、テクノロジーの進化はビジネスを急速に変えつつあります。 IT事業も企業様と話し合いながら日々成長しています。
今後もご支援くださる皆様のご期待に添うべく、凡事一流の如くグループ全員で皆様に精力を傾注いたす覚悟でございますので なにとぞ倍旧のお引き立てを賜りますよう重ねてお願い申し上げます。


Thank you for your continued patronage of Nikkei Holdings on a daily basis.
Three years have passed since our company developed security business and IT business · food business.
With respect to the security business, in recent years, the trends of high-speed growth and internationalization are increasingly spurred, and while the social structure is becoming more complicated, "safety" has become increasingly important day by day, various kinds of social life A wide variety of security is required in scenes.
Continue to develop a safety industry in Shikoku while offering a wide range of high-quality security services that make maximum use of strengthening group collaboration, we will engage in services trusted by customers and meeting expectations.
With regard to the IT business, evolution of technology is changing business rapidly, such as IoT, big data which is said to be infinite, the cloud that made it possible to accumulate, AI beyond the human's analysis ability, and so on. IT business is growing day by day while discussing with companies.
Regarding the food and beverage business, we are currently working on thinking how to provide excellent Japanese food to the world by making a project team to provide global Japanese food in the future.
In order to meet the expectations of everyone who will support you in the future as well, as all the group is ready to devote energetic attention to everyone as if you are a top ranking person, please kindly thank you again for your continued patronage.


Ryuji Nakayama